About Us

Aavow is Women’s Innerwear and Nightwear Ecommerce store basically dedicated to delivering reasonable and quality products. AAVOW is where demands need. Aavow is the fastest developing innerwear brand in India. We are your one-stop destination for all your solace needs – spreading energy and imagination with our special finds. Admit was sent off in 2021 by Mrs. Praggati Verma, Director & Owns Brand-AAVOW. Aavow is involved in assembling and delivering assortments of best quality items and administrations, we are managing in Women Innerwear and Nightwears. Aavow gives solace and wow quality to every single lovely lady. Pick Aavow to encounter Luxury, Soft Fabric, Skin Friendly, and High Fashion.

Our Story

In Just one year, AAVOW has arisen as the biggest excellence objective in India with a portion of 100+ blissful clients relying upon us for their number one brands as well as for guidance, refreshes, master tips, and recordings on the most proficient method to look and feel perfect generally! With practically 100+ organized, very much evaluated and 100 percent real brands and 50+ items, AAVOW prides itself on offering an exhaustive determination of Women’s Innerwear, Nightwear, Briefs, Bridal Brief, Short set and Pyjama set items for ladies. We intend to please, go to the farthest corners of the country to contact you! Today AAVOW ships across the length and broadness of the country to pretty much every postal division utilizing the administrations of driving and dependable dispatch organizations.

Our Mission

To make a reality where our buyers approach a finely organized, legitimate collection of items and administrations that pleasure and raise the human soul.

Our Vision

Give motivation and pleasure to individuals, all over, the ordinary.

AAVOW – Startup Story

AAVOW is an Innerwear & Nightwear shopping brand and 10 years back, the word unmentionables was not as normal in India as it is today! As referenced above, ladies felt very awkward shopping in the typical departmental stores present in the commercial center. Additionally, since many felt modest to converse with the sales reps in the ordinary stores about Innerwear and stuff she just attempted to change the generalization and cause ladies to feel more excited in each viewpoint. This is where AAVOW ventured into the situation with various contemplations and looked to ascend high.


We have created frameworks and cycles to guarantee that the items sold on our foundation are credible, and construct trust among our buyers and brands. For our excellence and individual consideration offering, our business is overwhelmingly stock driven. This approach guarantees to obtain straightforwardly from brands or their approved wholesalers in India. It permits us to ensure the realness of items purchased by our customers, a significant thought for shoppers of such items. We additionally lead quality checks at our stockrooms occasionally on our magnificence and individual consideration items. For our design offering, we work an oversaw commercial center and guarantee that the dealers we installed are approved affiliates as it were. We have likewise evolved frameworks to screen and address shopper objections towards our continuous obligation to legitimacy.

Our Values

    • Be Bold Be Beautiful
    • Be Bold Be You
    • Be the Best Version of You
    • Be the best every day
    • Be the best every day
    • Be the amazing everyday
    • Be the customer’s Zero
    • One & Only AAVOW
    • The Culture of Belonging
    • Bond of Fashion
    • The Best Fashion Sense